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Lucid dreaming and coincidence

Lucid Dreaming


Lucid dreaming, By Daniel Love, The Lucid Guide.

Let’s explore the power of coincidence and how to use it as an effective lucid dreaming mind hack.

Everybody loves a coincidence. When they occur we are temporarily broken out of our daily routine and feel as if we’ve come face to face with the mystery of existence. It’s a magical feeling.

We all have our own personal theories on the meaning of coincidence, ranging from them being a mysterious sign that we’re on the right path in life – to them being a fascinating example of the nature of probability.

Whatever your own personal belief, one thing is certain. your mind is phenomenally well designed to be an expert in pattern recognition. You are designed to find meaning in the chaos of the universe.

As lucid dreamers, it is important to recognize the powerful tool of coincidence recognition for achieving lucidity. The principle is incredibly simple: Our dreams are a realm of expectation, a place of wish fulfilment and the manifestation of our thoughts.

As such, dreamers are regularly filled with all manner of coincidental events.

After all, in dreams, if you expect something to occur, it almost certainly will. Therefore it is imperative that we train ourselves to use any coincidence as a chance to ask ourselves, Is this a dream?

So, during your waking hours, whenever a coincidental event occurs, rather than being caught up in surprise and wonder, train yourself to be vigilant and always ask yourself first:

Am I dreaming?

So, should you experience any kind of coincidence, it is time to perform a reality test. By developing this as a strong habit.

By developing this as a strong habit in your waking life, you will hugely increase your chances of becoming lucid in your dreams.

As your waking habits will eventually transfer into the dream world and, in dreams, coincidence is a very regular occurrence.

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