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What are lucid dreams

What is a Lucid Dream? – Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming

We really know nothing about what’s out there and the mysteries of the universe.

If you have had a lucid dreaming experience before, it definitely had to made you very intrigued about this topic. On this video, Ralph smart shares with us his wisdom about the amazing subject of lucid dreaming.

Peace, infinite waters, diving deep once again.

Here we are, the sun is behind us, the threes are behind us, the air is fresh, this is it, lucid dreaming.

A lot of people I’ve been talking to are talking about lucid dreaming, this is really where we go to sleep and the dreams just seem like they are reality, they just seem like this is it, this is real life and then you wake up in the morning and you’re like “Oh my gosh, what happened, what just happened?” and it’s like you’re in a totally different world now, amazing.

Download the Lucid Dreaming Mp3 and you might be lucky on getting a lucid dream tonight!

Download the Lucid Dreaming Mp3 and you might be lucky on getting a lucid dream tonight!

What is a lucid dream?

I’ve been having lucid dreams for so long and in essence this is what I feel that when we dream realer that in reality in essence these are just signs, showing us how multidimensional everything is and also how everything is connected and a lot of us as soon as we wake up we can’t remember anything.

It seems because I think as well a lot of societies pressures, a lot of the pressure society puts on people has made people almost been ashamed of talking about their dreams, because they think “Okay, it doesn’t matter” and a lot of the times as well, a lot of our dreams are very abstract and that means basically that they’re almost these paintings which really, everything is a totally different order.

The rules, in essence, in the dream space are so different, it’s like inception. Your mind is a scene of a crime and for me what I, the beauty of dreams for me in essence are really showing me that nothing is linear, because living in this 3D dimensional space here on planet Earth. Everything is in a linear fashion, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, one o’clock, two o’clock.

Enjoy Lucid Dreaming

Everything is time based linear, start, middle, end and when I dream, when I’m having this lucid dreams, it’s almost like there is no linear involved. Everything is like time doesn’t even exist, everything is that the rules operating in that different dimension, a totally different from this reality and in essence it’s just showing me how deep everything is and a lot of us, we just want to stay on the surface level.

A lot of times I’m sure you’ve got friends and you’re talking about something and they say “Oh, that’s so deep” but really in essence it’s not that deep, it’s just because so many of us as humanity have not really been allowed to express ourselves and really talk about things which happens to all of us.

So in essence a lot of us we just want to stay on the surface level, but with lucid dreaming I also feel that they are signs and that they could also help us heal ourselves if we actually are able to see the dots because of lot what’s happening is actually happening in the subconscious and that’s what advertise know, they know if they give you an (adver?) it’s gonna go inside your mind and in your dream space.

What are lucid dreams

That is the true inception, that’s what Hollywood knows well, they can actually shape people’s perceptions and entertainment is merely the by-product of it and in essence lucid dreaming, people talk about shared dreams as well where people are actually just meeting up in different dimensions. Now a lot of this sounds (banana?) crazy and the more and more I realize, I just realized that a lot of times, is just like there was one line from the film ‘Inception’ where a scene in the film and the man says “Oh, you come here to sleep?” and he said “No, I come here to wake up”.

So basically here was the man going in the dream space to actually wake up and that’s amazing for me to realized that people are dreaming to wake up and we wake up we’re actually dreaming. Oh, oh, but for me lucid dreaming is just showing me more and more how, it’s telling me so much about myself and I think a lot of people who are also dreaming about things are also learning about themselves.

Actually I think as well, if we look at it this a lot of the times if you go onto the internet, there’s a lot of sexual images of these sexy women and even in ancient times they knew that they were spirits who actually came inside men’s dreams and actually made them have wet dreams. So, you know, some people call them succubus incubus, all of these things, but it’s actually showing us how in our dream’s space just as the same as for women, a lot of times you have met spirits who coming into their dreams and at the same time people can be seduced in their dreams, people can be attacked in their dreams.

In essence I just feel that the dream space is so mysterious and having lucid dreams really just shows me that this is not the only reality in operation. In essence it just makes me question more and see the beautiful rainbow that life is. Infinite waters, diving deep in nature, about to take snooze with mango juice, come and join, peace.
Have Lucid Dreams
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