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How to lucid dreaming (Simple Techniques)

Dream Exercises

How to lucid dreaming

If you have never had a lucid dream, you are missing out. It is a magical experience that everyone should have.

Achieving lucidty and being able to control your dreams for the first time is not as difficult as you may think, you just need to be patient and keep on trying.

Universe quotes

The magic of The Universe is within you

Here is a routine that I did every night and day to induce lucid dreaming. Before you go to bed:

Remember your day in reverse
Before you go to bed, a good technique is to develop the habit of recalling your day, in reverse. Live the image in your head of what you did during the day.

Have a dream diary
Keep a notebook and pen next to you, one that you use exclusively to record your dreams when you wake up.

Lucid Universe

We’re all connected to The Universe

Recall and write your dreams
When you wake up, open your eyes but remain still and start recalling your dream, everything you can remember, in reverse from the end to the beginning. Write as descriptive as you can, if yo uare not able to, you can write some keywords first and fill up the blanks later… if you are able to remember.

Dream Checks
Practice doing “dream checks”. The lucid dreaming experience is so real that the lines between dreams and reality get blurred. Once you are able to achieve lucidity you will be asking yourself if this is “real life” or a dream you are in control of.

Some people try wiith their fingers, pinching themsselves, or try turning the lights on and off. What worked for me is covering my nose, my breathing. If I kept breathing normally, I knew I was in a lucid dream!

To have a lucid dream be aware of “dream sgins”. Some people try with their fingers, pinching thhemselves, or will try turning the lights on and off. What has worke better for me is covering your nose

Try these techniques and exercises every night, be patient.

Some people can achieve lucid dreaming quick, others take a longer time.

It’s about sticking to a constant method and doing what works for you.

Lucid Dreaming Recording

Lucid Dreaming Mp3 (Brainwave Frequencies)

Download the Lucid Dreaming Recording and go to sleep with your headphones on, listening to this 45 minute audio.

Let the isochronic and binaural beats, brainwave frequencies guide you into yoru journey.

Lucid dreaming

Lucid dreaming and coincidence

Lucid Dreaming


Lucid dreaming, By Daniel Love, The Lucid Guide.

Let’s explore the power of coincidence and how to use it as an effective lucid dreaming mind hack.

Everybody loves a coincidence. When they occur we are temporarily broken out of our daily routine and feel as if we’ve come face to face with the mystery of existence. It’s a magical feeling.

We all have our own personal theories on the meaning of coincidence, ranging from them being a mysterious sign that we’re on the right path in life – to them being a fascinating example of the nature of probability.

Whatever your own personal belief, one thing is certain. your mind is phenomenally well designed to be an expert in pattern recognition. You are designed to find meaning in the chaos of the universe.

As lucid dreamers, it is important to recognize the powerful tool of coincidence recognition for achieving lucidity. The principle is incredibly simple: Our dreams are a realm of expectation, a place of wish fulfilment and the manifestation of our thoughts.

As such, dreamers are regularly filled with all manner of coincidental events.

After all, in dreams, if you expect something to occur, it almost certainly will. Therefore it is imperative that we train ourselves to use any coincidence as a chance to ask ourselves, Is this a dream?

So, during your waking hours, whenever a coincidental event occurs, rather than being caught up in surprise and wonder, train yourself to be vigilant and always ask yourself first:

Am I dreaming?

So, should you experience any kind of coincidence, it is time to perform a reality test. By developing this as a strong habit.

By developing this as a strong habit in your waking life, you will hugely increase your chances of becoming lucid in your dreams.

As your waking habits will eventually transfer into the dream world and, in dreams, coincidence is a very regular occurrence.

Have Lucid Dreams

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Lucid Dreaming meditation

Guided meditation for lucid dreaming

Lucid dreams guided meditation

This guided meditation for lucid dreaming was created to help you have your first lucid dream. Lucid dreaming is the ability to know you are dreaming while you’re dreaming.

Once you are conscious you can fly, experience wild fantasies and more importantly, you can even connect to the awareness behind the dream, which is why it is important to keep a dream journal when practicing lucid dreaming. The more you make this a habit, not only will you remember more often your dreams, you will also remember your lucid dreams as well.

The best time for listening to this audio is either before going to bed, or 5 to 7 hours into your overall sleep. The reason why this is, is because we have longer duration of REM sleep towards the end of our sleep cycle. REM sleep is usually when we are dreaming.


To skip intro, go to minute 3:20


To skip the “relaxation” section, go to minute 15:20

Allow yourself to get comfortable, if you are laying down feel free to lay your hands by your sides or on your lap, whatever is more comfortable for you. Close your eyes and think of your whole body going limp and relaxed. The muscles on your scalp and forehead growing very comfortable and relaxed. As the muscles of the forehead relax, you may notice a slight increase in tension around the eyebrows. Concentrate on the eyebrows and all around the eyes and its tension will fade away. Now you feel the tiny muscles of the eyelids relaxed. Feel the relaxation now, move deeply inside the eyes and deeper back in the eyes. Let all your facial muscles relaxed. The cheekbones, the cheeks, the jaw and the shin…. and the lips and the mouth.

Lucid Dreaming universe

The universe, such a mystery

Have your first Lucid Dream tonight!

Each of us has the ability to become consciously aware within our dreams, in fact, it can actually be quite easy once you understand that all it involves is learning to communicate with the unconscious… and this can be done thru affirmations, visualization and as in with this audio: hypnosis.

Once you become to have lucid dreams, a new world opens up for you. Once that’s free from the laws of physics and once that’s free of judgements. Everything is possible in the wonderful world of lucid dreams.

Disclaimer: While hypnosis has many beneficial effects, hypnosis is not a substitute for appropriate medical attention. This guided meditation is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure nor prevent any disease or illness. When dealing with a physical and/or mental illness or disease always consult a qualified physician or therapist.

Music and script by Joe Treacy. Progressive relaxation by Linda Bennett

What are lucid dreams

What is a Lucid Dream? – Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming

We really know nothing about what’s out there and the mysteries of the universe.

If you have had a lucid dreaming experience before, it definitely had to made you very intrigued about this topic. On this video, Ralph smart shares with us his wisdom about the amazing subject of lucid dreaming.

Peace, infinite waters, diving deep once again.

Here we are, the sun is behind us, the threes are behind us, the air is fresh, this is it, lucid dreaming.

A lot of people I’ve been talking to are talking about lucid dreaming, this is really where we go to sleep and the dreams just seem like they are reality, they just seem like this is it, this is real life and then you wake up in the morning and you’re like “Oh my gosh, what happened, what just happened?” and it’s like you’re in a totally different world now, amazing.

Download the Lucid Dreaming Mp3 and you might be lucky on getting a lucid dream tonight!

Download the Lucid Dreaming Mp3 and you might be lucky on getting a lucid dream tonight!

What is a lucid dream?

I’ve been having lucid dreams for so long and in essence this is what I feel that when we dream realer that in reality in essence these are just signs, showing us how multidimensional everything is and also how everything is connected and a lot of us as soon as we wake up we can’t remember anything.

It seems because I think as well a lot of societies pressures, a lot of the pressure society puts on people has made people almost been ashamed of talking about their dreams, because they think “Okay, it doesn’t matter” and a lot of the times as well, a lot of our dreams are very abstract and that means basically that they’re almost these paintings which really, everything is a totally different order.

The rules, in essence, in the dream space are so different, it’s like inception. Your mind is a scene of a crime and for me what I, the beauty of dreams for me in essence are really showing me that nothing is linear, because living in this 3D dimensional space here on planet Earth. Everything is in a linear fashion, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, one o’clock, two o’clock.

Enjoy Lucid Dreaming

Everything is time based linear, start, middle, end and when I dream, when I’m having this lucid dreams, it’s almost like there is no linear involved. Everything is like time doesn’t even exist, everything is that the rules operating in that different dimension, a totally different from this reality and in essence it’s just showing me how deep everything is and a lot of us, we just want to stay on the surface level.

A lot of times I’m sure you’ve got friends and you’re talking about something and they say “Oh, that’s so deep” but really in essence it’s not that deep, it’s just because so many of us as humanity have not really been allowed to express ourselves and really talk about things which happens to all of us.

So in essence a lot of us we just want to stay on the surface level, but with lucid dreaming I also feel that they are signs and that they could also help us heal ourselves if we actually are able to see the dots because of lot what’s happening is actually happening in the subconscious and that’s what advertise know, they know if they give you an (adver?) it’s gonna go inside your mind and in your dream space.

What are lucid dreams

That is the true inception, that’s what Hollywood knows well, they can actually shape people’s perceptions and entertainment is merely the by-product of it and in essence lucid dreaming, people talk about shared dreams as well where people are actually just meeting up in different dimensions. Now a lot of this sounds (banana?) crazy and the more and more I realize, I just realized that a lot of times, is just like there was one line from the film ‘Inception’ where a scene in the film and the man says “Oh, you come here to sleep?” and he said “No, I come here to wake up”.

So basically here was the man going in the dream space to actually wake up and that’s amazing for me to realized that people are dreaming to wake up and we wake up we’re actually dreaming. Oh, oh, but for me lucid dreaming is just showing me more and more how, it’s telling me so much about myself and I think a lot of people who are also dreaming about things are also learning about themselves.

Actually I think as well, if we look at it this a lot of the times if you go onto the internet, there’s a lot of sexual images of these sexy women and even in ancient times they knew that they were spirits who actually came inside men’s dreams and actually made them have wet dreams. So, you know, some people call them succubus incubus, all of these things, but it’s actually showing us how in our dream’s space just as the same as for women, a lot of times you have met spirits who coming into their dreams and at the same time people can be seduced in their dreams, people can be attacked in their dreams.

In essence I just feel that the dream space is so mysterious and having lucid dreams really just shows me that this is not the only reality in operation. In essence it just makes me question more and see the beautiful rainbow that life is. Infinite waters, diving deep in nature, about to take snooze with mango juice, come and join, peace.
Have Lucid Dreams
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How to Have Lucid Dreams – The Science of Lucid Dreaming

How can dreams help you fly?

What if when we wake up we’re living in a dream and when we go to sleep we are actually becoming awake.

That sounds like inception.

What I’ve come to see that dream world shows us a great apart of reality and the dream world for me on my journey is just as real as the real world. Many people they go to sleep and they wake up and they say ‘I had a crazy (ass?) dream, I had a crazy (ass?) dream’. It’s unexplainable because we are stepping into the realm of the unknown of the incomprehensible it is beyond our comprehension. In esoteric sciences or the occult, which means ‘hidden’, dreams always carried a symbolic meaning.

When we are in the dream state and it is so real, we can smell, we can touch, we can feel. In essence- we can’t differentiate between the dream and reality.

Inception & lucid dreaming

Lucid dreaming, what is lucid dreaming?

A lucid dream is any dream in which one is aware that one is dreaming. Anything is possible, what we imagine we can make happen, there are no boundaries. Lucid dreaming is when we can control the dream world, we become the architects of it. How to lucid dream? Simple lucid dreaming technics design to increase awareness are dream journals, recording your dreams in a notepad, writing down everything you can remember, dream record, reality checks. The purpose of a reality check is to conform to a dreamer whether they are dreaming or not.

A common reality check- the finger count: any more or less fingers on each hand than normal, you are dreaming. MILED stands for mnemonic (inducted) lucid dream. Before bed having an intention to lucid dream ‘I am going to lucid dream’, a personal affirmation, a mantra, you can repeat three or more times or make it more likely for you to lucid dream. Some men even go to sleep and they have wet dreams- succubus, where the demon takes a form of a beautiful woman and seduces the man and the man has sexual intercourse in his dreaming state.

“Oh boy, am I dreaming or am I awake, what is this? Oh wow, you are sexy”.

The Matrix & lucid dreams

What is reality?


The body just like in the Matrix, what is the reality? Just electrical signals sent (tune?) from the brain. What I come to see on my journey is that dreaming is fantastic, it can be scary at times, but life as I see it is a tape recorder that plays out at night. Everything we go through during the day will affect us at night. The third eye, the more you open your pineal gland, the more access you have into the dream world. In the Mercury (voders?) the loudest (grumm?), in ancient Kemet or Egypt, the lotus flower was known for giving people altered states of consciousness. The sea that we were living in are multidimensional reality, it exist today and that many people dream of nightmares, people attacking them. Where is this coming from?

On a deeper level we have to ask ourselves what are we tuning into, because you turn into whatever you’re tuned into.

Why are there so many scary movies in our society? We don’t even realize how this is affecting our subconscious mind.

The Universe & lucid dreamsDoctor Bruce Lipton has done so much work on this, he talks about the first seven years of a child’s life is the most important because they are absorbing information in. We have to see that dreams that we have are reflection of the life we live. Fear, fear, fear equals a confused dream state.

When we can surrender to who we are a hundred percent, when we can embrace the love energy which is the highest frequency on the planet, our dreams become more harmonious, also our dreams become a gateway to our infinite potential. That’s what I’ve seen on my journey. I love going to sleep because that is where I become awakened. The ancients knew they were immortal. In essence our dream state is where we connect to our ethereal self. An ethereal being does not have a color, does not have a name, does not have a nationality, that is our true self.

In essence we don’t appear in physical form in the dream state, because that is not who we really are, this is only one side of who we are. The physical realm is the last realm, it is the most dense.

There is so much to be learned from dreams, but we can use dreams to empower us. Once we see that we have to take a hundred percent responsibility for how we feel our internal condition. Nobody is doing anything to us in our dream state, in essence we are creating our own reality within our dream state. The more you externalize power the more you lose yours. Dreams are ways we can find our power, in essence we can open our heart space. We are out here in nature, infinite waters, diving deep once again, stay well, stay healthy, peace.

Video by By Ralph Smart, Infinite Waters, Diving Deep.

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How to have lucid dreams?

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